With years of experience in the hospitality and event planning industry, we made the decision to take our expertise and knowledge worldwide.

After 10 years of running special events and parties in Bali, we noticed a high demand for private parties, in particular bucks and hens events.


In 2011 we decided to branch out on our own and thus Bali Party Professionals was established. If you have ever tried to plan a party on your own, you already know how difficult and tedious the process can be.

Add to that the stress of planning an event in another country, with different currency and language barriers, and it can seem next to impossible.


The last thing you should be doing at your own event is making sure that drinks are full, the music is just right and that the entertainment is on time.

Bali Party Professionals will take care of all the important details from the planning right through to the actual event to ensure that you and your friends have a stress-free, memorable party.

Sit back, relax, grab a drink and let Bali Party Professionals take care
of all the stress and worries of planning and hosting an event.